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No Audi Content: Re: dose of their own medicine(was VG-2)

Having trouble talking your way out of speeding tickets?
Let your grandmother do the talking...  Here is my story...

I was driving my grandmother back from a funeral of some distant
relative in my 80q, and thanks to some bad directions we found ourselves
lost on some backroads in Pittsburgh.  I always drive very differently
when my grandmother is in the car (mom still pays the insurance, see),
but we were driving around for HOURS, and I was getting edgy.

Poking along at 35 in a 35 zone, my Grandma tells me that we should have
turned off a couple miles back, so I do a U-turn and head back.  It was
at this point that something comes flying up behind me and sits a couple
inches off my rear bumper.  I casually speed up to 45, hoping this guy
would disappear, but he stays glued behind me.  I do the instinctive
"Are those Caprice headlights?" check, and in the next 15 seconds we are
cruising at a brisk 80.  Shortly afterwards, the blue and red lights of
the under-cover Oldsmolbuick come on.  Hello, officer.   

OFFICER: "Son, where do you think you are going in such a hurry?"
ME:      "Um, I don't know officer...  Grandma?  Grandma?  Do YOU know
where WE are going?"
GRANDMA: <cue sweet voice> "Hello, officer.  My dearest grandson and I
were just coming back from a funeral..."

It was nice of that police man to let me off.
Without Grandma, a 22-year old in an Audi is prime ticketing material.

Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 15:12:58 -0500
From: harrison <hsapir@multiverse.com>
Subject: Re: dose of their own medicine(was VG-2)

My heart stopped this weekend in N Carolina while on vacation when I
around a bend on I-77 and saw a state trooper facing me in the median. I
slowed down to 75 from "I'm not sure"mph only to realize that the car