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RE: Fwd: Performance Claims

Why is it that exit speed does not equal better handling?  And if audi's were 
passing in the marbles does that not mean better handling.

All things being equal the cornering speeds of the quattros were no faster
than the competition. Exit speeds, especially on worn tires, were faster and
played an advantage going into the next straight, and/or setting up for
another corner.

Another "unfair advantage" was the driver's ability to select from different
(and often unconventional) lines in corners whereby obtaining a passing zone
that may not otherwise be there. This was one thing that really stood out
watching these car run live that TV didn't quite pick up as well. On occasion
I noticed the quattro race cars going out into "the marbles" where nobody
dared tread...only to still come off the turn as fast or faster (than their
competitors) and make some amazing passes. On the street at 7-8/10's driving
this is one of the things that sets an awd car apart from others...an extra
little bit to deal with the unexpected.