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cylinder head olympics

First of all I'd like to ask if anyone knows the record for lugging an I5 head
the greatest distance? If the record is open I'd like to start the bidding at
a mile, which is exactly how far it is from my house to the station.

Secondly I'd like to ask what folks think could explain smoke still blowing out
of my engine after a cylinder head refurbishment. The guides were replaced, 
stem seals also, the head was decoked and the seats refaced. The only thing I 
can think is if the valve stems themselves are worn or the piston rings are 
causing it somehow. I still havent done a compression test yet. I think I will 
be doing one as soon as possible.

I was thinking, as I was looking at the plumes of smoke following me around 
every enthusiastically entered corner, that the valve stem seals actually have
a hard job to do as the car is slowing, with a closed throttle, from high revs.
It didn't make me feel any better but it took my mind off things.

Someone somewhere clearly thinks I have too much money and would benefit from 
loosing some more, I wish I could find a way to explain to them the numerous
ways in which this understanding is incorrect.


P.S. I actually had no problems in removing and replacing the head beyond one
sheared stud and another one damaged when I hacksawed an e.m. nut, considering
the nerves I was experiencing before hand I was well pleased it went so