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Re: V70R Review

At 10:23 AM 3/30/98 -0800, Paul wrote:
>Some people on the list have bemoaned the fact that Volvo has
>a 5 cyclinder turbo wagon in this country and Audi does not.
>I had the chnce to sample the Volvo wagon in Utah this last week
>while on vacation, and I don't think Quattro junkies should feel
>While the car is beautyful to look at, in Saffron metallic paint,
>and a very able ride, it was nothing to get your heart racing.
>Firstly, note that it only comes to the US in an automatic form.
>Secondly, with OBDII and computerized shifting, chipping up the
>turbo is no easy feat, and not very wise if you could.  The ride was,
>well, Volvo like.  A nice car, a pretty car, a capable car, but
>anyone who has ever ridden in a 200Q with a IA phase III chip would
>be woefully disapointed.  Don't dispair, your not missing too much.
>paul timmerman (just back from vacation in Utah)

AH, but that is the point!  We ARE MISSING any comparable (read better, of
course) new offering from Audi.  These new ovloV AWD wagons are showing up
everywhere!!!  Where are the Audis???

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200Q
'95 Volvo 850 TW