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RE: 4000q WOES!!!!

> My 4kq is having serious transmission problems!  After a few miles of driving
> it becomes extremily difficult to shift gears.  Eventually, the transmission
> will pop out of gear while driving.  I literally have to hold the shifter in
> place to avoid this!  What's wrong with my transmission?  

It's most likely the shif linkage bushing.  Mine was fine all winter 
(cool temperatures) but now after a few days of summer heat it got 
just as bad.  The best thing to do for now (if you don't want to 
replace the bushings) is to pop the shift linage from the tranny, 
shove some antiseize compound in there and pop it back on.  Worked 
for me and makes for wonderful shifter feel.


Martin Pajak

1982 Coupe TURBO (473,150 km)
1984 4000s quattro (soon to be a rally car)
1986 4000s quattro (326,000 km) 
1982 Coupe (154,000) parts car

CEO of exam lastminute allniter rollthedice inc.