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Re: Hesitation

 Joe Sconzo <joesc@postoffice.ptd.ne> sent me this note:

> I have a '90 V8. After warming up it will hesitate like a bucking
> bronco! My mechanic can't find anything on his scanner. He replaced
> the fuel pump and a temperature sensor but it still happens ONLY
> AFTER WARMUP    Please help    Thank You   Joe  
> (joes@postoffice.ptd.net)

Unfortunately Joe, I'm not a V-8 guy, so I hdon't have any advice, 
good or otherwise....but there are many on the Audi list who 
are.  I am forwarding your note to the Quattro lost (note the cc: 
address, please, Joe) and with this note, request that they return 
email you DIRECTLY.  

Please note that Joe is not a list-member, so he needs you folks on 
the Quattro list to reply directly.  Thanks!

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