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mystery fluid.... (never a good sign)

I'm certain that I have a leak in my steering rack, the boot is torn, and I
can't keep the resevior(sp) full.  (which sucks when it's green gold)
Anywho, I looked under my car while it was running the other day, and I
noticed relatively profuse dripping from the bottom of my transmission.  At
first I panicked, but upon examination it appeared to be coming from my
rack.  The odd thing is, this fluid is pink!!  I'm not aware of any pink
fluids used in this car at all.  It looked like typical steering fluid,
which makes me think that the previous owner may have used generic steering
fluid causing it to leak in the first place.  But I've put a liter of
pentosin 7.1 into this badboy, and I didn't find any green on the ground at
all.  Does anyone know how much fluid the rack will hold by itself?  Also,
I'm looking (obviously) at a new or rebuilt steering rack, does anyone know
where(if) I could find a rebuild kit for an '85 5ks rack?  Thanks!