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Re: manifold heatsink?

You don't want a heatsink. You want a heat shield. A heatsink is only a
place where heat energy can dump into. A heatshield blocks, rejects heat.

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On Tue, 31 Mar 1998, Matt Howe wrote:

> Howdy, I've noticed on my '85 5ks that as my engine gets hotter I feel a
> noticable performance reduction.  When hot, the engine vibration seems to
> have a rough edge, and is a bit sluggish.  I also noticed that the intake
> manifold is located directly above (and only a few inches away from) the
> exhaust manifold.  As I understand it, cooler air allows for better
> combustion due to higher density and therefore more Oxygen per volume.  I'm
> guessing that the intake air being heated by the radiant heat from the
> exaust is causing my symptoms.  Has anyone tried, or does anyone think it's
> worth trying, to construct some sort of heatsink to go between them in an
> attempt to dissipate some of this heat?