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RE: Should Audi switch to RWD?

What? All-season tires on the >$60K A8? No wonder! All-season tires
su_k in all seasons! Hello - Audi???


Fellow Audians:  Greg East is troubled by the A-8s poor showing
in the recent C&D luxury car shootout and is pondering whether
Audi should switch to RWD.  My reading of the C&D article is that
the 4 season tires stunk.  Seems to me that Audi should begin my
shelving the 4S tires and put some aggressive sports tires on
their cars. Why hamper a first class car with third class tires?
Folks who live in the snow country and who can afford $60K will
probably opt for true snow tires anyway.  My two cents...  GregJ