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Re: Audi's ear.

There is a certain Porsche Audi dealer in my town that marks up list by 10% and then
gives a "generous" 10% off that.


Graham Thackrah wrote:

> With all the, admitedly mostly justified, little digs at Audi over last week
> I'd just like to say the local main dealer parts dept, or one guy in particular,
> gives us 10% off most of what I buy there. He knows I have had two early 80's
> Audis in need of a little TLC and just looks slyly when he gives me the bill.
> This is the same dealer who has done their best _not_ to sell a lecturer here
> an S4 twice (he drives a TVR Chimera at the moment, a Griffith 500 before that,
> toys!!) so they aren't off the hook IMO entirely, but getting there.