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Re: starter replacement 90q

I believe this car has the same 5 cyl engine as the 5K/100.
I changed the starter on my 89 100 and had one problem area...there is a
bolt, the upper one, tucked up in a tight area that I had trouble getting a
wrench on.  I ended up cutting the box end off a combination wrench, with a
hacksaw, so the wrench would be short enough to allow me to turn the bolt,
using the open end.  
This is a 19 mm bolt, but 3/4 inch works just as well...  3/4 inch = 19.05

I'm not familiar with the 90Q, so YMMV.

Dave Conner
David Conner  Columbus, OH 
'87 5KS
    '89 100E
          ' 86 4KCSQ