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4kq won't start follow-up

Okay, victim: 87 4kcsq...

After a little carb-cleaner and cranking, we got the beast to start.  It
ran like POOP (use of G-rated expletive for list purposes :>).
Backfiring, idling at 400 RPM, NO power and bucking bronco symptoms all
the way to 3000 RPM.  At higher RPMs, things smooth out, but no more
power.  Had to EEK it up to 50mph.

Now, my question is, what is now wrong?  Could it be that the fuel pump is
giving up the ghost in a half-brained manner?  How about the fuel

Pumped out 3/4 tank of gas (just got new Ethanol in it... thought it may
be the culprit), and stuck in normal gas.  Still drives like poop.  Tried
to start it a couple hours later, and no start.

FWIW, I started hearing more fuel pump noise in this last week (I know, I
know), so it may be going.

I searched the archives, and many people suggested that on a used car
(110k), get a new pump and filter (QSHIPQ) regardless.  Should I start

87 4kq -- ailing ailing ailing.

                    [PGP] finger mchang@ece.nwu.edu