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Re: Some People Really SHOULD Drive Hondas

> A wonderful story...sounds to me like this guy got more miles out of his
> brakes *after* the pad indicator than people I know (my sis and 2 life long
> close friends...makes 3 civics) get between brake change intervals from thier
> adnoh's. Yup...them "last forever" <not my quote thanks> cars get about 16-25k
> per set of front brakes, of course ymmv. (This compared to my ex 4kq getting
> it's first set of new fronts @ over 125k...yes the first owner was easy on
> it.)

Yeah, but how many gas pedal covers do you wear out in the same time? 
This could just be due to "pedal preference," how can you wear 'em out
if you don't use 'em?

Huw Powell