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illegal use of radar

Huw Powell wrote:

>Also very common on the MA Pike. They like to mount 'em on those
>changeable road signs. After a few passes it becomes obvious. I guess
>fooling the one-time tourists is considered worthwhile.....
>I've never encountered them on Rte 4, but then I have not been down
>that way for a few months.
>But we do have towns mounting police radar units on telephone poles to
>bathe sections of road in bogus speed radar signal...  The Route 4
>bridge between Dover and Durham points is a classic example.  What's
>with that?

Don't know if this has been extensively tested in court, but my
understanding is that enforcement agencies are licensed to broadcast (with
their radar) for the exclusive use of speed measurement. Leaving a "lit"
radar unit sitting by the side of the road with no officer standing by
would violate their license.

And yes, I drive past those damn things on the MA Pike a lot. Maybe I'll
write a letter... :)

You'd think the people who live near those setups would mind being
bombarded with microwave emissions 24 hours a day...wonder if the Boston
Globe would think this an interesting story...