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RE: Good Autobody shop in New Hampshire/Massachusetts

To:   mlarosa
RE: Crap settlement on damage.

It's too bad you signed that check...or did you?
McDowell's is an awesome shop...period!  They would have done it

It may be too late for you now....but that is what the state insurance
commissioner and arbitrators are for...this is
also why in some states you pay a couple of extra bucks for subrogation
(sp?) on your policy for collision loss.

In fact...I believe that NH state law requires that insurance companies
provide (without having to be asked) the
avenues for settling with the gov'ts help.  As much as I hate to lean on
big brother; they have been known to help in
a pinch.  You let your own insurance company off the hook too easily IMO.

If its not already too late...get crackin';  for help contact me