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Buyer Beware [Phil's lament]

Just read Phil Rose's report on the 10 hour drive for nothing.  Wow. 
Just another example of how, sadly, you learn lessons until you die. 
Some people value their word, others, well, they consider a little dab
of money a damn good trade for it.  And, for those people, it probably
is a good trade--at least they get something [money] for nothing
[their word]. 

Phil, tell you what.  To show that not everyone is a dog, if you are
interested in buying a 95 S6 [stolen, I presume] that I can make no
promises on, but is in your home state at least, e-mail me with your
address and I will provide you with what little info I have.  Btw, it
sells on the 2nd, so be quick about it:)