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Re: Milky substance in oil...


Oil inside the michelin man tube is perfectly normal.  Depending on
relative humidity it might be possible to get some water condensate in
there also.  With water vapor pressure elevated (high humidity) when the
air is compressed and then cooled (as with a turbo/intercooler) the
resulting water vapor pressure can be above the equilibrium vapor pressure
for water at that system temperature and pressure and the "excess" water
vapor will condense to form tiny droplets of water which could make the
normal oil look a bit milky.  The water that doesn't collect simply enters
the engine with the fuel charge and makes the engine run even better.

You checked the oil and it's OK.  I wouldn't sweat the small stuff.  But...
 Check the crankcase oil for turbidity frequently just in case something
might be wrong.

At least this is my read on your comments.

At 10:08 AM 3/31/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Well, spring is around the corner, and $#!+ creek is flowing again...
>When pulling off my michelin man IC hose, I found it full of oil. That alone
>is disconcerting. Worse, the oil accumulated in the first couple 'ribs' had a
>milky white color.  
>I recently switched to 10-w30 from 20-w50 for a trip up into the mountains
>(48" of fresh powder whoo-hooo!). All dino oil, never synth (not starting the
>thread here!). 
>Checked the dipstick. Oil has 1k miles on it. Looks new, no milky color
>So what is the deal. Could high boost at higher altitudes have lead to
>overspooling the turbo and thereby caused this? Coolant leak? Where to start
>looking? IC leaking? Turbo coolant leak? Boost has not changed, though. I
>I may be having another upgrade opportunity? The car was good for 150+ uphill
>(straight desert road, no signs of life for many miles in any direction;
>flames off please). Possibly a related injury?
>Any insight much appreciated!
>91 200q TAP, bilstein/eibach, etc
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