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Re: Defroster/Econ = Humidifier ????

Hairy green toads from Mars made Sargent Schutt say:

> There is a problem with my climate control system. If I use the defroster
> (turns on a/c automatically at warmer outside temps) and then switch to econ,
> the econ mode blows out moist air. It does not smell/taste of coolant, so I
> don't suspect the heater core. I had to drive 45 minutes in the snow with the
> sunroof and windows cracked in order to see out the windsheild.
> Should I get the a/c charged?
> I bought a spring from Blau that hooks onto some kind of flap in the system
> under the dash somewhere. Anyone BTDT? Is this going to fix the problem? Any
> pointers on this procedure would be much appreciated.

My 100Q does this, too. I think it's just the condensate from the
A/C being dispersed. However in later life, I found out that my
fresh/recirc flap is busted, giving me always recirculated air.

It's a PITA to fix, by the way....


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