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Subject: 4kq won't start follow-up

Mark:  Are you sure that the fuel injection fuses are all ok?  There are some
fuses along the front of the box that appear to be "spares"; if you remove
them, you'll have that kind of problem.  Check to make sure they're all ok.
Secondly, check the ground wire on the back of the intake manifold; if that
wire (brown?) breaks, all sorts of problems...

HTH, Chris Miller, Windham NH, c1j1miller@aol.com
You wrote:
<<Okay, victim: 87 4kcsq...

After a little carb-cleaner and cranking, we got the beast to start.  It
ran like POOP (use of G-rated expletive for list purposes :>).
Backfiring, idling at 400 RPM, NO power and bucking bronco symptoms all
the way to 3000 RPM.  At higher RPMs, things smooth out, but no more
power.  Had to EEK it up to 50mph. (snip)>>