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    Drove my car all weekend, drove it hard, drove it fast.  I even
managed to pass the stringent Colorado emissions test with my catalytic
converter gutted (I will deny this if any Enviro test people are
listing).  Sunday night I'm thinking that I have one great car.
Shazam--Woke up Monday, late for work, turned the key, the starter made
a small noise, then the lights inside turned off and smoke started
coming out from under the hood.  Any guesses...-- As turned out, my 12
year old starter decided to try and draw lots and lots of amps which
caused my 12 year old battery ground cable to burn up.
    On the plus side no fire, but I had to ride my bike all day, in the
wet snow, with a rebuilt starter in my back pack which pissed me off.

P.S.,  Who ever pulled up next to me in their nice 91 200 Q wagon, black
with black leather, and gave me that look--"look at that idiot riding
his bike in rush hour traffic during a snow storm".  I  hope if we ever
meet in that situation again I will be the one who is driving the car.

Brian Link
86 Coupe GT
Boulder, CO.