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Re: Milky substance in oil...

>From: Sargent Schutt <sargent@novagate.com>
>Subject: Milky substance in oil...
>Well, spring is around the corner, and $#!+ creek is flowing again...
>When pulling off my michelin man IC hose, I found it full of oil. That alone
>is disconcerting. Worse, the oil accumulated in the first couple 'ribs' had a
>milky white color. 

Just a thought - you *may* not have something terrible going on: 

*If* you normally drive the car short distances, with only the occasional 
long/high speed run thrown in here and there, the source of the milky 
substance may be water condensation within your motor/crankcase. This can tend 
to happen in motors which aren't run long and hot enough to get rid of it. I 
believe the white froth is a mixture of oil and water whipped up into a nice 
oily version of egg white, and tends to collect in the upper reaches (i.e. 
hoses and oil filler cap.  (Of course, if you do a daily 50-mile highway 
commute, I may be all wet.  Hah.)  Anyway, even if that's not the source, I 
still think it's water.


Frank M.
'90 200TQ
'88 Mazda 323 GTX