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Re: ECU viruses

Thanks for the reply, Orin. Some didn't take the question as seriously as

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On Tue, 31 Mar 1998, Orin Eman wrote:

> ECU's don't care about dates, so they are totally 'immune' to the year 2000
> 'problem'.  It's mostly old business, banking and government software
> that is affected.  Don't worry about it.
> Orin,
> Sr Software Eng.
> > I was wondering about something. I saw on ITN news the other day about how
> > theres going to be a virus that's going to wipe out almost everything in
> > the year 2000. Utilities, etc. are covered, as well. Breat Britain has a
> > 15,000,000 pound program to develop a new language to get around the
> > problem. My question is: what about our cars? Aren't the ecu's programmed
> > with the same langauge as main systems? Are they subject to the same
> > virus? Will we not be able to drive our cars in 2000? Any computer guys on
> > the list?