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Re: 4000csq I5 power

kakarott wrote:

/I know this has been done to death, but I still don't see why the I-5 is
/reportedly so bad for performance. I came from a VW background and Iknow
you can
/get 30% or more power out of a VW 4 without too much trouble, exhaust cam,
/porting, etc. Why is everyone so negative onI5 potential, seems to me the
/deal with 25% more displacement andsmoother power. Is the negativity only
due to
/comparison with the turbo5? I figure 170 should be easy (yeah a couple a
/but much cheaperthan a turbo transplant).Anyone agree?

I have an 86 Coupe GT, with an 170hp(NA) engine.  Bored to 83mm, cam,
big valve head, ported & polished, etc.......

Original engine from salvage yard $150, pistons $600, cam $575,
"big valve" head over $1200 and 3 months of weekends to port and polish,
crank $150 in special work, new seals and gaskets $275.

Misc expenses and machine work another $500, easy!

Plus, I did all my own work, so you could figure in labor at
todays going rate of around $50 an hour, like the dealers, and
the cost really starts to climb!

I have installed I5 Turbos, for ALLOT less cost, and each one
of these are capable of over 225HP easily!

I have personally purchased wholey complete 5K T's  cars at $500 each!

The turbo install is by far the "biggest bang for your  buck"(BTDT)