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RE: ECU viruses

You weren't supposed to send this message until tomorrow! ... ;-)

You've gotta figger that there's likely to be a computer type or three
on an Audi e-mail list ... nicht wahr?

Funny to note one of the work related e-mails I got a minute ago
pertained the Y2K issue as well.  The primary candidates are systems
that make use of the full date.  The ECUs on the older cars get
completely shut down when you turn the key aff, and there is no
"non-volatile" memory, so unless your ECU asks you to enter the time and
date before you start your car you've got nothing to worry about ...

Perhaps the biggest problem for our company is the fact that our
customers are still using computer equipment that was originally
manufactured in the '70s for collecting inspection database info.  Does
anyone remember the DEC LSI-11?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> problem. My question is: what about our cars? Aren't the ecu's
> programmed
> with the same langauge as main systems? Are they subject to the same
> virus? Will we not be able to drive our cars in 2000? Any computer
> guys on
> the list?