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Re: we don't need no stinkin guages!

I'm looking for the install that was simplier than what you recommend!
Actually, the early coupes (non-quattro, non-gt) have the water temperature
gauge in the same spot the urq has the stock boost gage in.  If you take
out the stock boost gage and replace it with the temperature gauge, the
gauge will work automatically if you replace the sender on the urq engine
that now drives the idiot light with one from the early couple.

That is, the instrument cluster is already setup to accommidate the water
gauge or the boost gauge!

My question was really where the sender is located on the urq, and what the
part number was and if it crossed to a VW part.

Having said that, on your car, where did you put the diff. lock lever
(please don't say the spot where the fader knob was - it's used by my
adjustable WG knob) you moved to accomidate the coupe gauge pack?


At 01:37 PM 3/31/98 PST, you wrote:
>I have the gauge from an '82 coupe, and would like to install it in my 
>urq. If I remember correctly, you had to change one of the temperature 
>senders on the head to make it work.  
>Not even that hard, on the CGT the sender plugged into the gooseneck, if 
>you didn't get this with your gauge you can A) get one, B)tap into your 
>existing gooseneck, C) find the tap(plugged with srew) location below #1 
>cyl and drop the sender in there and Bob's your Uncle!
>81 UrQ with CGT inst panel with oil psi, water temp & boost
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