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RE: R&R '87 5Ktq Clutch

That's my next project ... a tranny swap and clutch job on the '88
5kCSQW.  I just finished the clutch on my '85 4kQ, which should be
pretty similar.  I'd say that as long as you have a good floor jack to
raise and lower the tranny it isn't that tough a job to do.  I have a
Sachs kit, which includes the clutch, pressure plate and throw out
bearing.  I also recommend replacing the sleeve that the TOB rides on
... the new sleeve is metal, and let me tell you the clutch on the 4kQ
... like buttah ...

I ended up getting a generic metric clutch centering tool made by Lisle
... worked great!

120k really isn't that long for an Audi clutch ... are you sure it isn't
just the master or slave that's going?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)
... soon to be urq, 5kTQ and 4kQ clutch replacement expert ...

> ----------
> It seems that the clutch in the 5Ktq (120,00 miles) will need to be
> replaced
> in the near future.  I would like to know from people that have done
> this what
> kind of a job this is.  I have done clutches in a '72 2002 and an '85
> MR2.  I
> don't like this job but I would like to save I'm guessing in the
> neiborhood of
> $250.00 in labor.  Thanks for the input.