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Re: Audi's ear. (parts prices)

From: Mike Miller <JoMi@email.msn.com>

>I spoke with a place the other day that offered to get me parts at their
>cost (for a Ford Truck)  - Brake wheel cylinders - list - $47 ea - my
cost -
>$14 ea. They said it is typical for a dealer to double his cost of the part
>and add 20%. Then sometimes give a generous 20% discount.  >

German & Swedish print two prices on their invoices - theirs and the
manufacturers recommended price. In some cases it makes me wonder if I'm in
the wrong business -

FAG Clutch master cylinder Audi 80   MRP 89GBP  G&S 42GBP

Just one of many.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro