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Re: starter replacement 90q

In message <199803311609.LAA00072@mail.gordoncapital.com> wdouglas@gordoncapital.com writes:

> My starter quit on me this morning making me late for work. The question
> is, is there any special procedure for replacing it? I plan to do it
> myself so I won't have to tow it to a garage, any help will be
> appreciated.

Coupla bolts.  Disconnect the battery _first_ - the cable to the
relay that's part of the starter motor is awful thick and always live -
it's a real Mark I fire hazard if the battery is still connected.

The cause of starter failure is often corrosion of the copper braid
joining the relay (on the pre-engager solenoid) to the field coils.

About 10c worth of copper - a real bitch to solder.

 Phil Payne
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