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Re: Buyer Beware (long, even less q-content)

> On the one hand I've had people tell me that I have only one chance, now or
> never with them. On the other hand, I've had people not appear for a scheduled
> appointment, and lost the second buyer to cold feet.
> Either way, it's a tough spot to be in if you're the seller and someone comes
> along like that.

Yup, the seller has to weigh the birds in the bush vs... the one in
hand.  Old saying, "money talks, the other stuff walks", I learned this
one here in NH... sorry Phil!  Phil's original arrangement was fraught
with peril.  The seller had no way to KNOW (see below) he was on the
way.  Maybe even got burned by holding something before.  There was no
form of security to hold the car for a few hours, Phil didn't mention a
"first refusal" type agreement.

Still, the seller should have thought about this, too, and predetermined
some ways of dealing with complications.  Awkward all around, really no
easy solutions.  Good luck finding a car, Phil.

> Rest assured, I would have waited for you. if I KNEW you were coming.

The 'pistemology here is the problem.  What do you know and how do you
know what you think you know is true? (apologies to Joe Jackson)  Only
way to be sure someone is coming is to have a nice chunk of collateral,
like their car or their kids (maybe) or a non refundable deposit. 
Phil's seller really had no way to KNOW he was coming, certainly no way
to be sure Phil would buy the car.

Bottom line, if I drive 5 hours to buy something, I'd better enjoy the
drive for its own sake in case I don't want the something - or in case
it ain't there anymore.

just my 50 or 60 cents...

Huw Powell