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Window Reg. Mystery (type 44)

As I'm hinting at above, the 87 5kcst has decided to stop having working
PW drivers side. It presently has a clamp holding up the window and the
door panel is in my living room (German Modern furniture??)
I've heard that these regulators break frequently. Having replaced these
on Saab and Mopar, I figured I'd do a little diagnostic work, then break
out the Visa and bite the bullet. Several problems ensued:
First of all: With limited visibility, it did not seem obviously broken.
Everything moves on cue except the glass. No broken bits in the bottom of
the door either.
Secondly: I can't see how the danged thing comes out even if I had a
replacement! What, do you pull the whole door off and split it
Bentley notably unhelpful. Something simple I'm not seeing here?

Audi rant mode on*
I have been unemployed since graduating college in December. This makes
finances difficult, but gives me plenty of time to diagnose the 5k ;)
Now, I might be starting a job around 55-60 hours a week in the near
future. Pays well (200tq trade-up soon?) but not enough to afford dropping
the beast at the dealer every time something like this pops up...
How the heck can I keep the Audi, the job, and my (questionable) sanity,
anyway? The car needs the ISV, hydraulic help, the window, and something
somewhere is squeaking. Granted, runs super, but my patience looks to be
in shorter supply soon. How to cope???
Rant mode off*