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Fw: Window Reg. Mystery (type 44)

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From: Robert W Obrien <rwo@u.arizona.edu>
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Tuesday, March 31, 1998 7:23 PM
Subject: Window Reg. Mystery (type 44)

>As I'm hinting at above, the 87 5kcst has decided to stop having working
>PW drivers side. It presently has a clamp holding up the window and the
>door panel is in my living room (German Modern furniture??)
>I've heard that these regulators break frequently. Having replaced these
>on Saab and Mopar, I figured I'd do a little diagnostic work, then break
>out the Visa and bite the bullet. Several problems ensued:
>First of all: With limited visibility, it did not seem obviously broken.
>Everything moves on cue except the glass. No broken bits in the bottom of
>the door either.
>Secondly: I can't see how the danged thing comes out even if I had a
>replacement! What, do you pull the whole door off and split it
>Bentley notably unhelpful. Something simple I'm not seeing here?
>Audi rant mode on*
>I have been unemployed since graduating college in December. This makes
>finances difficult, but gives me plenty of time to diagnose the 5k ;)
>Now, I might be starting a job around 55-60 hours a week in the near
>future. Pays well (200tq trade-up soon?) but not enough to afford dropping
>the beast at the dealer every time something like this pops up...
>How the heck can I keep the Audi, the job, and my (questionable) sanity,
>anyway? The car needs the ISV, hydraulic help, the window, and something
>somewhere is squeaking. Granted, runs super, but my patience looks to be
>in shorter supply soon. How to cope???
>Rant mode off*