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Hard starting '86 5ktq

I have an annoying problem that someone can hopefully offer some
suggestions on:

My 86 5ktq has an intermittent starting problem.  Most of the time it
starts no problem, first try.  But, last Thursday I drove the car about 60
miles to where I was working.  The car then sat for about 6 hours and when
I  tried to start it to go home, it turned over fine but would not start.
Attempted about 5 or 6 times and let it sit for a couple minutes and it
finally started.

Then on Monday I drove 30 miles to work and car sat for about 5 hours.
When I went to go to lunch, the car would not start.  It took at least
10-15 attempts to start and 10-15 min.  It starts fine otherwise.  Any ideas?