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200q front chin spoiler - attn Frank Bauer

Someone posted a note about a chin spoiler that might be the same thing I
haveon my 91 200q. I checked into it, and it will only fit the euro-bumper.
The following is the url/item description.  

(www.zstarr.com/impex/blowout.htm )

    477805617B SPOILER FRONT AUDI 200/QUATRO EURO ONLY 84-91 $50.00

If you have a euro-bumper from a euro 200 (not 100) it will work, and it looks
pretty sweet, but otherwise major modification is necessary (not worth it
IMO). The spoiler on my car is probably the same one available for $70 at JC
Whitney. Graydon may be able to confirm this. A fairly decent photo is
available at Henry Harper's web site:


Graydon: can you confirm this to be the same item you got from JCW?