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Re: 1991 10v engine info needed

In a message dated 98-03-30 15:35:41 EST, you write:

<<  the SAE article on the  early MC engine with 7:8 to 1 compression ratio,
shows 158 HP @ 5500  RPM, with regular fuel, 162HP for the premium fuel use.
That's the first time I've had it explained why there are two h.p. values for
the MC series engine.  Thanks.

<<and a "super torque" timing belt design. It uses a different timing belt
idler pulley. Different valve cover gasket than the earlier MC engines.>> 
Thanks for the head's-up, I need to go order some parts.....  I'll also take a
look at the air flow meter and the fuel distributor.

As always, the info is appreciated.