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BTDT's on V8 taillights

I finished the V8 taillight conversion on my 90 200tqw a few weeks ago;
just got back before/after pictures.  Thought I would give a few hints to
anyone else who wants to try this.

While the two outside (left/right) sections fit on with no modifications,
the middle section required two modifications.  First, there was a rising
plastic ridge on the top left & right section that needed to be cut off.
It was about 18" long and rose to about half an inch high.  Second, there
was the lock problem which is specific to wagons.  The V8 parts had a hole
for the lock cylinder in the lights which was not there in the wagon, since
the wagon lock is in the tailgate.  I had to modify the V8 lock cylinder to
fit, which was somewhat tricky.  So I've got two locks (one non-functional)
in the back, but it's not really noticeable.

You can see before/after pictures at

BTW replacing the lights finally cured the water leak problem I was getting
in the tailgate.

Once again, thanks to Chris at Autobahn for parts..........SLM

Steve Manning:  stephenm@ix.netcom.com
...Physical home: Metro D.C. area, USA
.....Virtual home:  http://www.stationwagon.com