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new guy

howdy all.  i just subscribed to the list, so i'll briefly intro myself. 
david james, basic computer nerd by trade, auto enthusiast (amongst other
vices) by hobby, husband by choice, father by........you dads out there

i own a euro 70 BMW 2800, a 72 BMW Bavaria (parts car), my wife drives an
80 VW Rabbit, and we have a 97 Saturn as the family car.  i am seriously
considering buying a 4000 that a mechanic friend of mine is putting
together.  not sure of the year, but i'd say 82-86??  dual rectag
headlights.  body is in decent shape, interior also decent.  sunroof,
well, it doesn't close.  he's dropping a turbo diesel in it.  we don't
know how many miles are on the engine, but he knows it's less than 100k. 
not being familiar with Audi's, especially diesel engines, let alone
turbo diesels, any advice and info you have would be appreciated.  he
wants 800 for the package, and he's a good mechanic.  but i don't know
what the car is worth, aside from what i can gather from kelly blue book,
but that doesn't help too much.  what should i look out for?  is the 4000
non-Quattro worth owning?  do they have any serious flaws?

i'm going to check on the 4000's progress in a couple of days and make my
decision soon thereafter.  any advice in the meantime would be

btw, what is Audi's designation for the 4000?  such as 1970 BMW 2800 = E3
and 1980 VW Rabbit = G1.


dj    Northern Nevada

For sheer driving pleasure -- BMW

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