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RE: "Rules" or Reigned?

I think the goofball Scott was meantioning was himself.  So the driver was an 
issue. Scott do not get a big head over this one.;-)

Glen writes in response to QSHIPQ:
>Hmmm.  Well this goofball went to a qclub event in the rain with an M3 with
>stock tires, and passed the most tweeked of audis running.
Just a quick point: I've been to many QC track events and the vast majority
participants are just average joe-driver types that just want to explore a
bit about what their (usually new) quattros can do. This contrasts
drastically with the type that would bring an M3 to a q-club event.
Conclusion: the above is a mostly worthless comparison, IMFO. It's the
DRIVER and not the car! (mostly) If you put that M3 driver into one of the
highly-tweeked qs you would have a better point.

Although I agree the driver is the most important fact, I don't understand
the logic of the above post.  QSHIPQ's post referred to tweaked Qs not A6s.
Moreover, what makes you assume that a guy who shows up with a stock M3 is a
better driver than someone who a) chipped his audi, b) put on a coil over
suspension, c) installed cross-drilled rotors and performance pads and steel
lines, d) installed a bypass valve, e) installed racing harnesses, f)
installed upgraded IC and intake manifold, or g) has a combination of the
above.  From my track experience it is the modified Q owner who takes his
driving more seriously.  The mods are a reflection of this.  At the Qclub
events I have been to there are always plenty of type 44s and UR-Qs that fit
the above description.  The M3 owner can just show up and see how far the
car can be pushed.  IMO he is more likely to be the average joe.

MAtt Pfeffer - 89 200TQW - Stage II