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It's not over till the rich German guy sings...(Piech content)

In message <01bd5d62$0f713ee0$0dec7ece@matthewp> matjen@xsite.net writes:

> A Vickers
> spokeswoman said the company wouldn't discuss rival offers unless talks with
> BMW break down.

They have to, since they have to act in the interests of the
shareholders.  What happens is that BMW has to match any increased bid
by Volkswagen in order to remain in these "exclusive" negotiations.

> Earlier Tuesday, BMW threatened to bring production of Rolls-Royces and
> Bentleys to a halt if Vickers shareholders spurned BMW's bid.

He'd have the EU's DG IV on his neck in seconds.  Besides, any such
display of pettiness would go down like a lead balloon in the UK.  He
_might_ have legitimate concerns about any technical secrets BMW has
disclosed to Rolls-Royce getting to VW.  Such as plans for future
engine technologies.

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