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Re: 4000csq I5 power, finding a good deal

> > I have personally purchased wholey complete 5K T's  cars at $500 each!

>    And from where, pray tell, do you buy these 5k turbos?

I bought my 5kt donor car from a local garage that had no use for it.
It did have rotten body though.  Entire car for $150 CDN and drove it 
home too.  Had a friend follow me to make sure the engine is not 
spitting out smoke, flames, mice : )
You just have to look out, read ALL the papers with possible car 
advertisements.  You'll be surprised what you can find.

Example:  1987 4000 quattro asking $400 CDN.
Went to see it.  Had all four wheels flat and no rear muffler.  
No rust and body damage though.  130k miles on it.
Did not want to start (starter broken).
Got the price down to $375 including registration and taxes.
Filled the tires up (noticed brand new brakes all around).
Pushstrted it and drove it home.  Lots of power and suspension feels 
like brand new (the self locking nuts on the shock looked new).
I had to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming.


Martin Pajak

1982 Coupe TURBO (473,150 km)
1984 4000s quattro (soon to be a rally car)
1986 4000s quattro (326,000 km) 
1982 Coupe (154,000) parts car

CEO of exam lastminute allniter rollthedice inc.