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Re: Plug Wires?

I found a Bosch parts place call Pennisula parts. They sell oem quality
Bosch plug wires for something like 39.95 when I last checked. Plugs are
around 2 or 3.95 for tris.

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On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, Phil Payne wrote:

> In message <3521EB58.5452@sover.net> Leslie Carlson writes:
> > It's a long story, but I have just ended up with an 89 quattro. It is
> > running rough, the idle jumps up and down and I can smell unburned gas
> > from the exaust (and see white smoke). The plugs are recent, and I was
> > told I need plugwires. Does anyone know of a good/cheap plugwire place?
> > How about any thoughts on how I could narrow the problem down to be sure
> > it is plugwires?
> With white smoke I'd do a compression test first.
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