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Re: Window Reg. Mystery (type 44)

In a message dated 3/31/98 rwo@u.arizona.edu writes:

<< First of all: With limited visibility, it did not seem obviously broken.
Everything moves on cue except the glass. No broken bits in the bottom of the
door either. >>

Might be as simple as a fallen off E-ring (C-clip? okay...whatever you wanna
call 'em). You will see a plastic support on the underside of the window glass
with a hole in it. This hole is where a pin from the regulator attaches and is
secured with said clip. (Which BTW is a real PITA to remove and replace...I
used right angle circlip plier to remove, and a flatbalde scredriver to re-
install, tips welcome from all for next time please!)

<< Secondly: I can't see how the danged thing comes out even if I had a
replacement! What, do you pull the whole door off and split it inner/outer??

No! You do not need to split the door. I just did this job on mine. Aside from
the infernal clip, the job was very easy. There are only about 5 bolts (oh
yeah, and that clip) to remove and the whole thing (it uses cables so it is
flexible) comes right out.

There are supposedly replacements that use a worm gear instead of cables. I
have not tried one of these (I bought mine used...thanx again Stott!). Check
the various vendors on the vendor list and you should be able to get a new one
for less than $150.00. HTH

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq