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"Spare" fuses -4kq- idiot owner

Yep.  As many listers have pointed out in the past few days, there is a
set of 'spare-like' fuses in the fuse box.  Silly me, I think I ganked one
the other day to replace a blown lock motor fuse whilst in the throes of

UGH.... kick me.

So, all I need to know now is what are the appropriate ratings and
locations of these fuses?  I don't think they are mentioned in the owner's

I will be fixing this later today, since I don't have access to the car
right now :(...

Ah... first the wiper arm motors, now this... when do I learn? :)

Thanks much,
87 4kq -- hopefully better barring any more silly owner mistakes

                    [PGP] finger mchang@ece.nwu.edu