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RE: Dose of their own medicine - Durham to Dover Point

On Tues 31 Mar somebody said:
>> but up here in the backwoods of NH we have too much common
>> sense to enact these types of bogus and illegal regs.
>But we do have towns mounting police radar units on telephone poles to
>bathe sections of road in bogus speed radar signal...  The Route 4
>bridge between Dover and Durham points is a classic example.  What's
>with that?

My brother -in-law works for the telephone company. That signature is 
actually a "multiplexer" on the Dover side of the bridge in that small 
green plastic half-round shed.  He then proceeded to give me some engineer 
BS about leakage and wierd telephone stuff about that area of Dover/Durham. 
 I always thought it was a fixed radar until a friend who is NH State 
Trooper said it wasn't (either state or local).  Spent four wonderful years 
slowing down over that bridge while at UNH.