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Re: fi question

>The 4kq now sports a new Bosch pump, but it's still
>quite noisy.  It's been hot here over the last few days,
>and a loud buzzing was quite noticable, interspersed with
>the occasional "bzzt, bzzt".

The fuel pump in my CGT has been noisy for...well...ever since have I owned
the car (1991).  The noise fluctuates nearly constantly, especially when
I have been idle for some time and then rev the engine (i.e. accelerate,
like from a stoplight).  I have been through two genuine Bosch fuel
filters in this time, without any change in the behavior.  Two other
Coupes in the family, two other noisy fuel pumps (although not with
as much character of pitch as mine ;).  All cars run fine (although
the '82 is on its third fuel pump).

It appears to me that the 5000/100/200 series cars are afflicted with
noisy-fuel-pump-means-about-to-die problem, while the 4000/CGT series
don't have any relation of noise vs. death.  If the new pump is just as
noisy, keep an eye (ear?) on it, but don't worry about it.

'85 Coupe GT
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