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Sensor plate strangeness

I was wondering about something as I usually do. I rememeber on my dad's
old Mercedes 420 SEL (old body style, last year), he had a problem one day
and the thing wouldn't start. I remember that he pulled the gigantic air
cleaner housing off and I saw what I thought to be a carb. I recently
thought back and realized that it was a cis component, most likely the
sensor plate. Anyhow, he pushed it down, it returned up, he got inside and
the thing started immediately. 

My question is: if I were to push the sensor plate up (or down) while the
engine is not running or with the key "run" (engine off), what would
happen? Would that allow priming of the injectors or fuel system
components esp. if there's a leakdown or no residual pressure retained

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