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Re: Performance Claims

sorry, but complete bollocks....

i know of 2 people who have dyno'ed hotted audi i5's (ohh, an iron block). both
got in excess of 300hp.  so mr elgin is wrong on at both counts...

oh, and a certain porsche engineered audi (station wagon) with the same i5 gets
over 310hp.  but you can't trust those germans.  heck, they're not even

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

>Date: Sun, 29 Mar 98 15:10:00 -0800
>From: Michael Williams <daserde@ucla.edu>
>Subject: Fwd: 
>hey this is a letter that my friend wrote me today.  Done Elgin is the 
>same Elgin who does Elgin Cams.  So he is pretty knowledgable, so iwould 
>like to know what the list makes of this...
>later all
>Michael williams
>I talked to Don Elgin today, he was at the school for a meeting and I ran 
>him.  I asked about dynojets and how they get an AWD on them.  He said 
>east they have IM240, which is the 5 gas analysis system that tests for 
>and requires a dyno.  There is no such thing AWD dyno, at least nothing
>availible in the US.  More importantly, even if an AWD dyno was possible, 
>could never rate HP or Torque on it.  Power must be given to one set of 
>at a time to compute the power.  
>So, the process revolves around disabling the AWD to rate the HP.  But 
>this is
>a complicated process, and says only a few people know how to do it.  
>So, I doubt very much that any of those Audi guys are telling any truth.
>Their engines, as Elgin said, are capable of about 200-250hp, and he has 
>higher out of K-36 turbos, but the engine is unsafe.  He said the cast 
>block is bad for the heat, and it dosen't translate to a performance 
>engine in
>any way other than making it unsafe.