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Re: Horn relays

Ever been stopped at a light when someone starts backing into you? I bet
you'd want full blast on your horn. What if it takes less than 2 seconds for
the inattentive person to proceed to back into you?

Meanwhile you are sitting there both hands firmly pressed on the horn and
all you are getting is a polite "Um, excuse me, you are backing into my
beloved auto, please refrain from doing so, please?"

As opposed to what you get now. Hands on horn, "HEY YOU SLACKER! WHAT THE
HELL (place of eternal misery and suffering added for emphasis) ARE YOU

Horns as well as Interjections. I'll take the exclamation point version as
opposed to the comma version.

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Horn usage events are
>usually not times when you want to be "playing with knobs" (TM-WUNH
>Say 1-2 seconds of polite, then latch over to the siren?