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Re: 87 5Kq milage

I get about 28-29 mpg driving back and forth to school. It's about 50/50
highway and fairly fast surface road. 70-75mph highway and 55-60mph
elsewhere. Convieniently, I only hit 1 or two stoplights in between.  The
past week in CT has been very hot so the open sunroof and windows(except
driver's because of technical difficulties) have caused a huge drop-off in
milage. When you got 31mpg, were you windows up?
Oh yeah, I'm talking about 87 5Kq with about 120K( odometer quit at
106,114). Always has fresh plugs, cap,rotor, and wires are about 5 months.
Maybe you just need a tune up.

From:  dgrady@ct2.nai.net