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re: How to Handle a Door Handle

Paul wrote:
"The mechanic did a great job:  all speakers,
switches, lights now WORK....but, the mass of electrical-taped wires is
so fat that the rubber accordian won't stay in the access hole to the
door, resulting in a rubbing that is starting to get thru the tape and
into the wire insulation.  Is there a way to glue the accordian to stay
put or is there another way to deal with the sharp edges?"

Sounds like a not-so-great job which needs to be re-done.  
One way to fix the broken wires is just to splice them back together where
they are broken...but this would result in all the splices being at the
flex point.  Not good.

A better way, that requires more work, would be to insert a new length of
wire with one splice inside the door and one inside the car body, with an
entirely new length of wire inside the accordian, and NO splice inside the

Dave Conner
David Conner  Columbus, OH 
'87 5KS
    '89 100E
          ' 86 4KCSQ