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Re: A call to arms

four.rings@MCIONE.com wrote:
> > > Features of the Bull's Eye Software:
> > >* Filters out duplicates
> > Bzzzt!
> > Seven copies so far today, including four or five from the list.
> > Anyone gets a handle, nuke 'em!
> > Phil Payne
> I'd love to. How?
> --
> Igor Kessel
> '89 200TQ -- 18psi (TAP)
> '98 A4TQ -- nothing to declare
> Philadelphia, PA

Let's not do anything rash!  Has anyone checked out this
comanche.denmark.eu?  They all seem to go through it.  I would imagine
that the fact that they all have identical message ID's
(19943672.886214@relay.comanche.denmark.eu) must mean something.

"I hear some people apologize for their inability to express themselves,
and pretend to have their heads full of good things which they cannot
bring out through lack of eloquence. This is a delusion. These are
shadows cast upon upon their minds by some half-shaped ideas which they
cannot disentangle and clear up inwardly, and therefore are unable to
express outwardly; they do not understand themselves."